The Ocean Song


Love Is a Perfect Imperfection


I shall Be Released (live in Belgium)


Unchain My Heart (Autour du Blues-vol 1)


Autour Du Blues 2 (le film)



Graywolf, 2ème Clip extrait de "Slim & Litehouse" album: Utopia*(distribution iMusician/toutes plateformes). Casting : Slim Batteux (Organ/vocal), Manu Vergeade (gtr/vocal) ,Gilles Michel (bass/vocal), Gérard Bikialo (Piano) & Kirt Rust (drum)*Album masterisé par Ted Jensen – références : Eagles/ Rolling Stones/Clapton/Norah Jones… entre autre !programmation concert et festivals ! Booking : JPLartists / – 0033(0)607 494 777 et/ou BHMusicLive / – 06 15 12 79 22

Publiée par Jpl Artists sur Dimanche 16 février 2020

5 réflexions sur « MEDIA »

  1. hello, im from korea who just watched the movie sans toit ni loi and very loved your music
    and i also saw someone already wrote about it. sorry for writing down on this commentaire
    , because i dont know how to speak french! the song called sur la mer toujours recomendee calmme is never to be found on the whole internet. it would be nice if you check out. it starts at 25 mins of the movie(only for 40 sec). the song sounds to me sad but purely strong, just would feel perfect if i could listen to the end.
    not giving u the pressure for that though…
    i feel great that i found whose song that was and a wonderful musical person
    i guess now i will be listening to your music for days and days
    anyways thanks you with all my heart
    your piece of moment is still echoing after 30 years.

    je taime!

    1. Hello there, thanks for your kind message but you know, there’s been a long long time since I had to work with Agnès and I should watch the movie again to remember what it’s all about but I will I promise. Thanks anyway. Best regards.

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